After the delivery for the well being of the mother and newborn the government is giving KCR Kit with 16 items.


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The population of Delhi was around seven lakh at that time.

1000 till she completes Grade X.

Arthika: This is a name that denotes a girl who values independence. 15 in SC & BPL Family; 2nd Baby Girl born in Other Families; 3rd Baby Girl born after 24. The former first lady’s response isn’t surprising, according to insiders who know.

3Interventions NEWBORN HEALTH • The Newborn Mortality Rate in India is 24/1000 live births (SRS 2015) which translates into approximately 6.

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. 15 in Other Families; Scheme related filled form submitted to related AWC: Aadhar Card; Birth Certificate; MCP Card; Haryana Domicile; Mother Photo; Zero: In this scheme for the girl name 21000 Rs.

To tackle these issues and raise awareness of the importance of educating girls, the Indian government has come up with several schemes that support parents to.
15 in Other Families; Scheme related filled form.
It encourages parents to invest and build funds for the future studies and marriage expenses of the girl's children.

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7. 3 lakhs deaths, annually. Public Provident Fund (PPF) With a PPF account, parents of a girl child can invest their money for over 15 years, which is a.

Bangaru Thalli ( lit. Here, we can look at the list of 10 investment plans for Girl child in India. This scheme offers a blend of debt limits and equity. . Each girl child receives Rs.


To open a specific report, select the desired year and click the "Submit" button next to the report. The scheme further strives to improve sex ratio and girl child education in the state.

Anaya: A baby girl's name that translates from Sanskrit to "totally free.


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