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Our kit moves one injector to the intake and leaves one injector in the stock TPI location.

February 17, 2022 How-to Videos, Video. The best dual sports kit, no mapping changes.

150TPI models and 250/300 2018-2019 Models MUST run our TSP IRK tune.

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. 126 Dislike. 1 review for TPI Power Kit with TSP Over Rev Tune – KTM / Husky 150 TPI.

It is also the MOST COST EFFECTIVE solution by far.

TSP Power Kit – 2020+ KTM 300 TPI and Husky 300i. . I have had the TSP head and tune since the bike was.

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00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings.

Includes a full PDF with photo installation, including a few videos of information & FAQ.

I thought when I got the TSP head a few. I have had the TSP head and tune since.

93 out of 5 $ 180. .

It is also the MOST COST EFFECTIVE solution by far.
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I am still waiting for the 2019 relocation kit to come out.

Dave from TSP goes through the details on the TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit, including detailed information on the kit, advantages to installing, and rider feedback.


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. All l have to say is. Our unique TPI Injector Relocation Kit combines the best of TPI with the best of TBI in one package. TSP Injector Relocation Kit Installation Video. .


. The TSP Injector Relocation Kit (IRK) moves one injector behind the throttle.

We are the exclusive dealer/distributor for all Two Stroke.


This new tune has new injection phasing for the new location, as well as a few other changes.


This video guides you through the process of installing the TSP TPI Injector Relocation Kit on your 2018-2023.